PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Multi-Cluster and Federation v2

March 29, 2019 Red Hat OpenShift
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Multi-Cluster and Federation v2
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SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Paul Morie (@cheddarmint, Sr. Principal Software Engineer @RedHat, Reviewer/Approver of Federation v2) about the evolution of multi-cluster and Federation v2 in Kubernetes.   



Topic 1 - Let’s start with some basics. The differences between “Federation” and “Multi-Cluster”?

Topic 2 - What are the basic functionality that needs to be in place to federate more than 1 cluster together (authentication, registry, cluster registry, network routing, etc.)

Topic 3 - What are some of the mechanisms that help determine which cluster a container should run?

Topic 4 - Is the current design intended to handle applications that span clusters, or is the expectation that apps live in a single cluster? What about deploying the same app to multiple clusters?

Topic 5 - For more advanced capabilities, such as intelligence to know where to dynamically place an application, would that be something that’s within Kubernetes, or any external service?

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