PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Ceph Storage with Rook

April 24, 2019 Red Hat OpenShift
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Ceph Storage with Rook
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SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Annette Clewett (@aclewett, Senior Architect @RedHat) and Travis Nielsen (@STravisNielsen, Senior Principal Software Engineer @RedHat) about software-defined storage, managing storage with Kubernetes, and how Rook is bringing the Operator model to storage systems like Ceph.



Topic 1 - Welcome both of you to the show. Before we get into discussing Ceph and Rook, can you tell us about your background around these projects? 

Topic 2 - One of the most frequent requests we get from listeners is to discuss how to integrate (and manage) storage into OpenShift/Kubernetes environments. Let’s talk about storage needs for OpenShift/Kubernetes infrastructure (masters, logging, monitoring, etc.) vs. storage for applications. 

Topic 3 - Help us understand the difference between a storage manager like Rook and a storage system like Ceph. Where does one start and the next one stop? 

Topic 4 - Rook now uses the Operator pattern for managing underlying storage systems. How does the Operator technology help make managing (and lifecycling) storage easier or more robust? 

Topic 5 - As you talk to users of Ceph and Rook, what are some of the best practices that you’re seeing them implement? 

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