PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

The Intersection of DevOps and Kubernetes

November 08, 2019 Red Hat OpenShift
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
The Intersection of DevOps and Kubernetes
Show Notes

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SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Chris Short (@ChrisShort, Technical Marketing @RedHat, CNCF Ambassador, writes at DevOps’ish) about DevOps 10th birthday, how Kubernetes helps DevOps, and the exciting news that Chris will be co-hosting PodCTL.


Topic 1
- Welcome to the show. Let’s talk a little bit about your background and the plethora of things you’re working on these days.

  • DevOps’ish: Weekly newsletter covering cloud-native, DevOps, open source, and industry news 
  • Cloud Native Ambassador: Our Super Bowl is coming up (KubeCon)
  • Ansible Operators (get your stickers at KubeCon)
  • OpenShift team helping customers getting their clusters up and running

Topic 1a - BIG NEWS! Chris Short is joining the show to be a new co-host. 

Topic 1b - MORE BIG NEWS! Kevin Behr, Jabe Bloom, John Willis, Andrew Clay Shafer are joining Red Hat to create the Global Transformation Office

Topic 2 - A couple of weeks ago, the DevOps community (and DevOps Days) celebrated its 10yrs anniversary. You’ve been involved in that community for a number of years. What are the big trends happening around DevOps these days? (have we figured out the difference between DevOps and SRE?)

Topic 3 - One of the common challenges that companies often talk about it scaling Agile/DevOps across their company. What are some of the things you’re seeing that enable success? What are some of the common mistakes that companies make in trying to scale? 

Topic 4 - We tend to talk about Kubernetes quite a bit on this show. As you’re beginning to work with Kubernetes more, are you finding that it helps in scaling Agile and DevOps? 

Topic 5 - You’re going to be hosting a number of the PodCTL shows going forward. What are some of the topics that you hope to cover in 2019 and 2020?

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