PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Building a Cloud-native Kubernetes Platform

November 12, 2019 Red Hat OpenShift
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Building a Cloud-native Kubernetes Platform
Show Notes

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SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Joe Fernandes (@JoeFern1, VP of Product Management, Red Hat Cloud BU) about Red Hat's experience with Kubernetes, innovating upstream and integrating products, OpenShift 4 cloud-like architectural changes, allowing developers to be productive, and new ways to create a better customer experience.


Topic 1
- Welcome to the show. Let’s start by talking about your experience at Red Hat in managing OpenShift. 

Topic 2 - We talk a lot about Kubernetes on this show obviously.  Tell us how you and the OpenShift product team first got involved with Kubernetes.

Topic 2a - Give the audience a sense of what it takes to build (and continue to maintain) not just a commercially-supported Kubernetes distribution, but all the on-going integrations to make it a production application platform. 

Topic 2b - What are some of the things needed to evolve a platform from “just running containerized apps” to one that is intelligent enough to manage many different types of applications? 

Topic 3 - There is always some Twitter chatter that Kubernetes is too complicated and nobody should run Kubernetes except the 3 major public cloud providers. What types of things has OpenShift needed to do to be able to run “like a managed cloud platform”?

Topic 4 - When you get “above” Kubernetes, you have to start thinking about how developers will interact with the platform. This is where there are a lot of opinions, and many new innovations/projects. How does OpenShift think about “building on the platform”?

Topic 5 - Part of “the cloud experience” is being able to gather information about how the platform is used, in order to make better product decisions. The public cloud does this behind the scenes for every customer. Can OpenShift do anything to help create better customer experiences?

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