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Digging into OnCallOps

December 02, 2019 Red Hat OpenShift
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Digging into OnCallOps
Show Notes

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SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Matt Stratton (@mattstratton, DevOps Advocate, PagerDuty) about how to better manage OnCall Rotations, integrating DevOps concepts with OnCall, and suggestions about better organizing to handle alerting and observability.


Topic 1
- Since you work at PagerDuty, how does PagerDuty use PagerDuty?

Topic 2 - What are some interesting uses of PagerDuty you’ve seen out in the wild?

Topic 3 - You’ve built on call rotations. You’ve got your scars. One thing I’ve noticed is discussions about alert fatigue. Do you have any suggestions around how organization can better handle on call and alerting in general? (“Fight, Flight, or Freeze - Releasing Organizational Trauma”)

Topic 4 - DevOps at 10. For me, DevOps crossing into that double-digit year number seems to have increased awareness of it and its potential for orgs not embracing it. What have you seen in terms of organizations embracing DevOps? What are Matt’s highlights of DevOps after ten years?

Topic 5 - You're writing an article on SysAdvent website called “15 Ways to Make On-Call More Fun”; It’s supposed to be published around December 3rd. Watch https://sysadvent.blogspot.com/ for this year’s stuff.

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