PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

All the Tools in the Kubernetes Toolbox

September 04, 2017 Brian Gracely & Tyler Britten
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
All the Tools in the Kubernetes Toolbox
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Show Description:
Brian and Tyler discuss the broad range of tools that are available to deploy, operate and manage Kubernetes environments. There are lots of options...

Show Notes:

Segment 1 - [News of the Week]

  • VMware, Google and Pivotal announced a packaged version of the Kubo project, called Pivotal Container Service (PKS). 
  • CNCF continues to be the center of Enterprise IT with VMware, Pivotal joining

Segment 2 - Why do Open Source Projects often end up with so many installers?

Segment 3
- What are some of the common types of tools for kubernetes installations?

  • Install on your laptop (e.g. Minikube, Minishift, etc.)  
  • Public Services (OpenShift Online, GKE, Azure Container Service, etc)
  • Quickstart installer on a public cloud (e.g. Heptio, DO, kops, etc.)
  • Kubernetes-specific installers (kubeadm, kubicorn, kargo, etc.)  
  • Deployment scripts and variations on “runbooks” (e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.)

Segment 4 - What are some of the Day 2 tools that are used with Kubernetes?

  • Upgrade tools (e.g. 1-click, Operators, etc.) 
  • Monitoring & Management (e.g. Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic, Zabbix, SysDig, CoScale) - https://blog.openshift.com/monitoring-openshift-three-tools/ 
  • Logging  (e.g. EFK, Loggly, etc.) 
  • Application Frameworks - Save that for future shows!