PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Understanding the Cloud Native Ecosystem

September 11, 2017 Brian Gracely & Tyler Britten
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Understanding the Cloud Native Ecosystem
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Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Chris Aniszczyk (@cra, CTO/COO of CNCF, Executive Director of OCI) about the Cloud-Native Ecosystem, if there is a CNCF "stack", the CNCF process for project acceptance, and the growth vs. hype of Kubernetes.
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 Interview with Chris Aniszczyk
Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. What hats do you wear at both the CNCF and OCI?
Topic 2 - How do the CNCF projects and OCI projects work together? (example: why is rkt or containerd in the CNCF and not OCI?)
Topic 3 - What is the role of the CNCF? 

Is there a CNCF stack?

Can you talk about how projects get engaged with CNCF and the process of “official” vs. “incubation”, etc?

Will it ever make sense to have a “certification” program for CNCF-associated offerings, or does that create too much overhead?

Topic 4 - With so many projects being created, in different parts of the stack, where do you potentially see the next “official” projects coming from?
Topic 5 - Can you give us your perspective on some of the noise recently around Kubernetes?

Community Question of the Week:
 Q: My company runs mostly pre-packed Windows applications. Is there anything that we can do with Containers or Kubernetes to help them?