PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Digging into Kubernetes 1.8

September 25, 2017 Brian Gracely & Tyler Britten
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Digging into Kubernetes 1.8
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Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Clayton Coleman (@smarterclayton, Lead Kubernetes Architect) and Derek Carr (@derekwaynecarr, Kubernetes Lead Engineer) about the Kubernetes development process, the role of SIGs, the process for deciding what gets included in a release, as well as an in-depth discussion about the extensibility of Kubernetes 1.8

Show Notes:

Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Both of you are top contributors to Kubernetes, both also lead (or co-lead) some of the SIG/Working group. Can you give us a sense of your community involvement from a contributor and leader perspective?

Topic 2 - Derek, you're on the nomination list for the Kubernetes Steering Committee. Chris Aniszczyk mentioned it a couple weeks ago, but what does that group do that’s different than SIGs?

Topic 3 - When there are 100s of contributors and many different focus areas, what is the process for deciding what’s included or prioritized or dropped from a specific release?
Topic 4  - Kubernetes 1.8 has a mix of Alpha, Beta and Stable features. What do you see as the key focus areas in this release? (e.g. RBAC, CRI-O, etc.)
Topic 5 - How does Kubernetes look at the explosion of “tools” around core Kubernetes (deployers, application templates, application frameworks) and when to make those parts of the project or keep them separate?