PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

2018 Kubernetes Trends

March 19, 2018 Brian Gracely & Tyler Britten
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
2018 Kubernetes Trends
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Show Overview:Brian and Tyler talk about the biggest trends that will shape the Kubernetes community in 2018, with a focus on five critical areas of stability, innovation and experimentation.

Show Notes:

Topic 1 - Open Service Brokers - who is delivering them, who maintains them, how are they evolving, etc.
Topic 2 - Improved Ops Experiences - Operators, Fargate, Container Instances
Topic 3 - Virtualization + Containers - KubeVirt, Kata Containers, does Network Policy overlap SDN/Security
Topic 4 - Developer Experiences - big area of evolution (Istio, Draft, SpringCloud-Kubernetes, Helm v3, Source-to-Image like capabilities)
Topic 5 - Breadth of Supported Applications - Databases, Windows Containers, Serverless,