PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes

Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet

November 09, 2018 Brian Gracely & Tyler Britten
PodCTL - Enterprise Kubernetes
Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet
Show Notes

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Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how well the industry has created or evolved Kubernetes-Native platforms and services. 

Show Notes:

Topic 1 - We’re more than 3yrs into Kubernetes, and almost at the 2yr anniversary of the 1st big CloudNativeCon / KubeCon in Seattle (we’ll be back again this year). So let’s ask a big question - how has the industry evolved to actually deliver Kubernetes-Native?

Topic 2 - What is Kubernetes-Native? 

  • Is it specific to containers?
  • Is it specific to Kubernetes scheduling?
  • Is it specific to Kubernetes extensibility?

Topic 3 - Was reading a report recently that separated the concepts of DevOps from PlatformOps. We know Developers experiences and expectations are never the same and always evolving. But should the PlatformOps side of things be standardizing on something Kubernetes-native? 

Topic 4 - What are some of the common things you’ve seen in the Kubernetes community (products, platforms, services) that have gained some traction, but aren’t really aligned to Kubernetes? 

  • Most Developer Frameworks
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Storage (CSI framework)
  • ITIL Processes


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